5 Struggles for Texans During the Summer Heat

The Texas summer heat poses struggles for everyone and can make it feel like we just stepped into an oven. The heat can make it almost impossible to enjoy outdoor activities, like spending time in the pool, visiting your favorite water park, or a day at one of the Gulf area beaches. Here at Met-Plumbing, we look at our “Top 5” struggles and offer some tips for overcoming these to make summer days more bearable.

fry an egg

  1. Hot Pavement – It gets hot enough to fry an egg. Never go barefoot on extremely hot summer days. You need to protect your bare feet from getting first-, second-, or third-degree burns by wearing shoes, sandals, or flip-flops with thick soles. You can cool down pavement around your home by spraying cool water on it and wetting it down, like around your pool.
  2. Heat Advisories/100+ Degree Days – Heat advisories that extend well into the evening hours are quite common. It is important to remember, even 90 degree days could have heat indexes into the 100s. On these days, limit your time outdoors and find things you enjoy doing inside in the cool air conditioning. If you need to go out, try to do your errands early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are cooler.
  3. Intense UV Rays – The sun’s heat is not the only struggle Texans have to deal with, and the UV rays can cause your skin to burn quickly on the hottest days. Always put on sunscreen with a high UV protection rating before heading out and keep a tube in your purse, backpack, or briefcase to reapply throughout the day.
  4. Humidity – When humidity levels are excessive, merely stepping outdoors results in becoming sweaty, damp, and wet. Unfortunately, if you have to work, avoiding the humidity is not possible. Get in the habit of packing a change of clothes, a towel, and personal hygiene items so you can freshen up when you arrive at work and not look like you just stepped out of a sauna.

Exhausted runner

  1. Hot Cars – Interior temperatures can reach 125+ degrees or more inside a closed car. Try to park your car in shaded areas, covered parking structures, or your garage at home. It is also helpful to leave the windows slightly cracked about a half inch to allow the heat to escape.

Before getting into the hot car, open the doors and allow the heat to escape for a few minutes. When you start the car, turn the AC on and let it run with the windows down to force the hot air out before shutting them for a cool ride home. Take care when reaching for the seatbelt and grabbing the steering wheel, as these items can be extremely hot and burn your fingers and skin.

Even though the hot Texan summer heat can be a struggle, the summertime is a great time to have plumbing maintenance and repairs done around your home because we are less busy. Please feel free to contact Met-Plumbing at 281-599-3336 to discuss your plumbing needs and request a free quote today!

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