Whole House Repiping

Whole House Plumbing Repiping in Houston, TX

Replumbing your home is a huge undertaking—one that should only be entrusted to a professional. Repipe specialists like the experts at MET Plumbing in Houston, TX have the experience, the knowledge, and the tools to handle your next copper repiping job.


When Is Whole-House Re-plumbing Necessary?

If you live in an older home (more than 50 years old) and the plumbing is original, you will likely need whole-house replumbing soon. If you experience low water pressure that isn’t correctable with a new water pressure gauge, your pipes likely have mineral build-up that can only be permanently corrected with repiping. Reddish or brownish water coming from your faucets is most likely caused by old pipes that are corroding, and need to be replaced. Finally, multiple pipe leaks are a clear indication that it may be time for re-plumbing.

We’ll work with you to assess your particular situation and needs, and if it turns out your home only needs pipe repairs, we can take care of that as well.


Best Materials for Repiping a House

PVC and copper plumbing are among the best choices for piping because they are relatively soft, which makes them easier to shape. Copper plumbing lines also tend to have lower installation costs as the material is easy to solder/braze.


What You Can Expect with Home Repiping

Repiping your entire home is a large job, but one that should last a lifetime. Here’s what you can expect when you hire the repipe specialists at MET Plumbing to repipe your home:

  • First, we’ll discuss with you the best plumbing materials for the job—we generally use copper lines to replace the main line and the waste lines, while different types of plastic plumbing (including PVC) are typically used as “branches” from the main line to fit into smaller spaces.
  • Once we begin the job, our plumbers will make precise cuts into your home’s drywall and ceiling material to access the plumbing lines and replace them, section by section. We always lay plastic sheets down on exposed surfaces and furniture to protect your interior and your belongings.
  • Once the new pipes are installed, our guys will get to work restoring your drywall to its original finish, then paint over the area.

You can expect the entire job to take between 3 and 7 days, but this can vary depending on the size of your home. We make every effort to restore your house to its prior condition. You should notice the difference in water flow and water pressure right away, and your monthly water bills will improve with your new plumbing system. Our team will advise you on proper maintenance to keep your new system in tip-top condition.

Don’t live with clogs, leaks, and low water pressure for one more day—contact the repipe specialists at MET Plumbing today! We look forward to serving you.


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