Houston Gas Line Repair

A leak in your gas line is not a problem that you should ignore. That’s because leaking gas is more than just a nuisance—it’s a hazard to your health. Gas in the air can ignite, potentially triggering an explosion. It’s also possible that you could become asphyxiated by the buildup of gas in an enclosed space. If you have a leak, you should call MET Plumbing for Houston gas line repair you can trust.

How do you know if you have a defective line that’s leaking gas? One giveaway is a “rotten egg” smell in the area—gas suppliers deliberately add that scent to make it easy to detect leaks. You may also feel a burning sensation in your nose. If you think there’s a gas leak, try to ventilate the room and, to stay on the safe side, get out of the building ASAP. Don’t do anything that might create a spark, like turn on a light switch.

Whatever you do, please don’t attempt to fix the gas leak yourself. This is a job that calls for qualified professionals, like the ones at MET Plumbing. We’ve performed a large number of gas line inspections in this region, and we can pinpoint the issue rapidly and perform the repairs needed. In addition, we provide top-notch gas line installation services that will prevent these problems from developing in the first place.

We offer a broad range of plumbing services throughout Houston, Texas, and the surrounding communities, including Katy, Cypress, Spring, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands. Call us at 281-599-3336 for your gas leak problem or any other plumbing-related issue you have. Ask us about our financing options!