Houston Toilet Stoppages

Out of all the household emergencies you can experience, a backed-up toilet demands especially prompt attention. Sometimes the problem is so serious that the plunger fails to fix it. When this happens, your best strategy is to call an experienced plumber—trying to solve the issue yourself could cause damage to the toilet. Fortunately for you, the team at MET Plumbing is willing and able to help with these kinds of household inconveniences.


What’s the Cause of Severe Toilet Stoppage?

In some cases, hard objects accidentally fall into the toilet, leading to blockage. Also, a lot of people out there are in the habit of utilizing their toilet as a secondary trash can of sorts. They intentionally discard tiny waste matter such as Q-Tips or dental floss in the toilet, but this is a bad idea because these items can become caught in the system. Another common problem is old, outdated toilets that simply can’t operate like they should. A malfunctioning septic tank can lead to blockages as well.


Call in the Professionals in Houston, TX

Whatever the cause of your plumbing stoppage, we’ll figure out what’s wrong and return the toilet to its normal working condition. If applicable, we can also install a new toilet for you. With over twenty years of industry experience, we have provided first-rate commercial and residential plumbing services to many communities throughout the Houston, TX area, including Katy, Spring, Fulshear, Cypress, Sugar Land, & The Woodlands. Please feel free to contact us whenever your toilet decides to start giving you problems.